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Vertical Garden Landscapes

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Living Plant Walls

Specializing in the creation and installation of tailor-made living vertical gardens, we are experts in the realm of green walls, living walls, and plant walls. Our dedicated team crafts artistic botanical designs using lush tropical plants, enhancing the allure of any space while simultaneously enriching the oxygen levels. The result is a harmonious environment that leaves visitors with a profound sense of serenity and well-being.

Maintaining Plant Walls

Leveraging our extensive expertise in plants and plant wall irrigation systems, we possess the proficiency to impeccably nurture the living green walls constructed with our patented system. Furthermore, our comprehensive understanding empowers us to proficiently diagnose and resolve issues in vertical garden systems installed by other companies.

Plant Spaces

With our collective proficiency in creating plant environments, expertise in irrigation, and knowledge of various tropical plant species, we have the capability to bring almost any living plant design concept to life. Our versatile skill set opens up endless possibilities for innovative and unique applications in the realm of living plants.

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There is nothing more beautiful than a lush thriving garden. But in addition to the stunning natural landscape vertical gardens provide, they also excel in delivering the benefits reaped from indoor plant life. This is in large part due to fact that the per square foot density of plants in a vertical garden exceeds that of horizontal potted plants. The many benefits are:


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Our team consists of skilled and experienced specialists who excel in the design, installation, and maintenance of vertical gardens. We possess expertise in various aspects of vertical gardens, including vertical garden horticulture, creative design, adaptive application, irrigation, construction, as well as maintenance and customer service.

Additionally, our talented designers have the ability to craft stunning “moss-scapes” that can encompass entire walls or be presented as framed pieces. Our moss artistry extends beyond traditional boundaries, offering options that are both exotic and graphically modern. Moreover, our moss installations can also serve as a captivating backdrop for corporate messaging, blending aesthetics with functional communication.

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If you’re looking for a personalized live plant wall, maintenance services for your current vertical garden, or even assistance with moss art, don’t hesitate to reach out and inform us of your needs. We’re here to lend a hand in any way we can.